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Sample pack "107 Free Retro Game Sounds"

"107 Free Retro Game Sounds" is a free sample pack which I produced in summer 2019. The intention was to offer game developers a free library with sound effects that bring back some retro feeling. Nonetheless, this sound library is also suited for filmmakers, music producers and sound designers to give them that typical 8-bit sound they might be craving for.

I did not use any recordings to create those sounds. They are all generated with virtual synthesizers.


Radio Darmstadt

"The Magic Flight" - trance radio show and blog

"The Magic Flight" is the name of a trance radio show which I produced (2012 - 2015). Additionally, I created a blog for the show to provide the content in a readable magazine-like form. You can  find it under

The concept of the show was to present selected pieces of music to the listenersby playing a DJ mix with moderation. I also did the whole sound design for the show (jingles, intro music). Furthermore, the show featured some interviews and guest DJs.

Sound design for animation short film "Brainless Monsters"

"Brainless Monsters" is an animation short film of a former fellow student. For this project, he provided dialogue recordings and music. I had to design convincing sound effects and create a cohesive soundtrack out of music, sound effects and dialogue.

My soundtrack supports the dramaturgy: The atmosphere seems to be lazy and dull - only to be interrupted with a "bang".

Sound design for virtual reality game "Grid Surfer"

"Grid Surfer" is a virtual reality game that combines 3D worlds with arcade feeling. It was developed in a team of four members. I was responsible for the sound design (concept, audio production); the implementation of these sounds was done by another group member.

In "Grid Surfer" you use a Wii board to surf through science fiction worlds on a 3D screen. As the whole project was pretty much inspired by the movie "Tron Legacy", so was the sound design. I composed a musical score in the style of Daft Punk and created some typical sci-fi sound effects.


Sound design for alternate reality game "Artifint"

"Artifint" is an alternate reality game which we developed in a group of five students. We had four month to create a concept and deliver a prototype. My task was to do the sound design.

The game deals with science fiction and artificial intelligence. I crafted some sounds for the human-computer interaction. Moreover, I developed a sound design concept for the game.

WordPress Webseite plus Unternehmensblog

Publication "WordPress Webseite plus Unternehmensblog"

"WordPress Webseite plus Unternehmensblog" is a book which I wrote to summarize all my knowledge about content writing, social media and online marketing. It is only available in German.

You can find it on Amazon here.